此作品的名稱源於巴西的名工匠Mestre Vitalino,他曾經說過:「學習怎麼使用手比怎麼使用腦還來的重要」。



Jarbas Jacome

Vitalino is an installation where visitor is invited to make digital sculptures using finger movements captured by two webcams positioned perpendicularly on a structure with controlled lighting. The sculpture is synthesized by image processing, through an intersection function of fingers silhouettes extrusions captured by each camera. It is drawn using the voxel concept, ie, volumetric pixels. The name of this installation is a reference to the craftsman from Pernambuco, Mestre Vitalino, who once said that in his land it was more important to learn to use hands then head.


藝術家簡介  Author

賈霸斯˙傑可麥 (巴西)

Jarbas Jacome為來自於巴西的數位藝術家,擁有電腦科學的碩士學位,目前任教於巴西UFRB大學,並於CHAL中心教授互動藝術相關課程。主要研究領域為即時的音訊視覺化處理,並於攻讀碩士期間研究開發出名為ViMus的開放免費軟體。他同時也是位音樂工作者,擔任Negroove與re:combo此兩個樂團的吉他手,參與許多巴西藝術表演活動。

Jarbas Jacome (Brazil)

Musician holder of a master’s degree in computer science, he researches on systems for real-time audiovisual processing. His master’s degree resulted in a free software called ViMus. He was guitar player of bands Negroove and re:combo and has been participating of several events in Brazil.

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